Regular meetings are held at 7:00pm on the fourth Tuesday of most months.

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Regular Meeting Agenda

September 27, 2022 at 7:00 pm
Hilliard Horizon Elementary School, 6000 Renner Rd.

(This is where we will meet through May 2023.)

Official Business

  • Call to order and roll call
  • Approve July 26, 2022 Meeting Minutes and Aug. 23, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Guest Speakers:

Maria Cortez, to share about the city’s proposed bond package that will be on the November ballot.

Charles Newman with the Department of Public Service and Hannah Webber, City of Columbus Design Project Manager. Topic: background, current status, and future of the Hilliard-Rome/Fisher/Feder widening and improvement project.

Zoning Committee:

  • Case GC22-030
    • 1970 Hilliard Rome Road
    • Requests approval for CC 3377.15(C) to allow multiple directory ground signs
    • Owner: Target Corporation
    • Applicant: Target Corp. / Kimley-Horn c/o Drew Gilmour
    • Approved 5-0 at FWSAC Zoning Committee Meeting, 9/20/2022

City Staff Updates:

15 Precinct Community Liaison Officer Tom Paulus

Rebecca Deeds, Department of Neighborhoods Liaison

Averi Townsend, Legislative Analyst

Zach Gwin, City’s Attorney’s Office, Zone 3

Committee updates:

Treasurer’s Report:

Old Business: Sugar Farm updates, “Welcome” signs updates

New Business:

  • Recap of Hilliard Farm Market booth – ideas for future
  • Other new business items as needed